VLF grabber in KO85HA, nr Moscow, Russia

Grabber now is OFF.
Thanks for visit.
Unfortunately there was no activity on Dreamers Band in this summer season. :(

screenshot qrss-6000

VLF full band view:
full band view

VLF single loop (2 meter diameter) + LNA (modified OK2BVG design) + MiniWhip + BPF 4-15 kHz + Asus EeePC.
VLF RX and LNA powered by accumulator and solar panel.

Current VLF sound record (7 sec, 700 kB, updated every hour) is here.

Some photos about grabber here.

Please look at gallery of interesting screenshots. On it we can see selective fading at reflection of impulses of lightning discharges from moving terminator's zone (as I think). It seems, this effect wasn't observed on other grabbers earlier?

unexplained screenshot... ???

It is interesting that the best screenshots were taken after passing of cold atmospheric fronts.

Please your comments!

73 de RN3AUS/Alex