RN3AUS LF-VLF-grabber in ko85fn Moscow Russia

Grabber Status:

Reload every 3 min


qrss 3


TA-window QRSS60

Dreamers Band 8270 Hz:

8270-window, 109uHz, 20 min/step

Grabber 24 h archive


Opera-32 Correlation Detections

Op32Rx decoder:

Op32Rx decoder log

Last Op32Rx capture:

Opera-32 LF Waterfall 137.450 - 137.550 kHz (0.438 mHz FFT, 10 minute scroll)


Grabber is full automatic/unattended.
Current view:

RX: homemade superhet IF 500 kHz
ANT: Loop 10 m^2 with LNA

DCF-39 plot:
DCF-39 plot
Sound (20 sec updated every hour)

Telemetry from RX:

HDD status

Hardware monitor page

Screen of grabber PC (updated every 10 min)

73 de RN3AUS/Alex